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17 Years of Experience in the Embedded Industry

We at Toradex are specialists in embedded hardware and software design. Our portfolio of products, including those based around the Arm architectures, is designed and developed by our team of engineers.

We partner with our customers; provide strong integration of hardware, software and services; and deliver products in time and of premium quality over extended product lifecycles. We offer off-the-shelf products to a broad and global customer base in order to allow the fragmented embedded market to benefit from economies of scale.

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Toradex Core Values



We are one team.
We celebrate diversity and respectful collaboration.
We are receptive and support each other as together we achieve exceptional results.


Transparency and Integrity

We are honest and authentic as individuals and as a company.
Our transparency facilitates efficient collaboration and decision-making - internally and externally, with our customers, partners and suppliers.


Passion and Excellence

We are passionate and committed.
We enjoy what we do and deliver quality work.


Empowerment and Trust

We trust and are accountable to each other.
We all take an active part in elevating our company.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We are bold, innovative and agile.
We adapt to change, accept failures and learn quickly.
We strive for simplicity and scalability.

Careers at Toradex


We are specialists in embedded hardware and software, accelerating product development by leveraging the latest technologies. Our team of engineers combined with R&D experts located in our global locations - Switzerland, USA, Brazil and more, transform the product vision into a real world applications used across many industries around the world.


A good product is worthless without support. We at Toradex focus on providing first-class support free of charge at Toradex’s discretion. We provide different support channels to meet our customers’ requirements. One can contact our engineers via email and phone, or reach out on our active Toradex Community forum, where our specialists will answer the questions.


Our team uses the latest tools for research and data mining to help with the marketing / promotional activities that adds value and sets Toradex apart from the competitors - which includes our ad campaigns, technical webinars and content that flows in to our blog posts, articles - online and print, events and our videos. Web designing and development are an integral part of the Marketing team

Supply Chain

Our supply chain management department handles the planning, monitoring, and execution of supply chain activities across the globe. It helps active streamlining of supply of products to meet the customer needs in all the situations.

Business Process

Our team overlooks the improvement of business processes, which involves existing process evaluation, analysis of the already implemented processes, and provide inputs and recommendations to adjust the workflows, and other processes either at department level or for the company as a whole. They help in smooth follow of the process throughout the organization.


Our Finance team is spread across different office locations - reconciling the accounting data to make good financial decisions, ensuring the efficient financial management and financial controls necessary to support all the business activities.

Human Resources

Our HR team is spread across the offices. They are responsible for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and administering employee benefits while fulfilling our company needs. Additionally our HR team supports further by providing required infrastructure to the employees to help them succeed in their positions.

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The departments and roles mentioned here are just a broad gist of categories. If your skill set varies and doesn't fit in to any of the already mentioned job categories and if you believe that you could bring in value to Toradex - take a look at our open positions or feel free to hit the button below and get in touch with us.

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