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20 Years of Experience in the Embedded Industry

We at Toradex are specialists in embedded hardware and software design. Our portfolio of products, including those based around the Arm architectures, is designed and developed by our team of engineers.

We partner with our customers; provide strong integration of hardware, software and services; and deliver products in time and of premium quality over extended product lifecycles. We offer off-the-shelf products to a broad and global customer base in order to allow the fragmented embedded market to benefit from economies of scale.

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Toradex Core Values



We are one team.
We celebrate diversity and respectful collaboration.
We are receptive and support each other as together we achieve exceptional results.


Transparency and Integrity

We are honest and authentic as individuals and as a company.
Our transparency facilitates efficient collaboration and decision-making - internally and externally, with our customers, partners and suppliers.


Passion and Excellence

We are passionate and committed.
We enjoy what we do and deliver quality work.


Empowerment and Trust

We trust and are accountable to each other.
We all take an active part in elevating our company.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We are bold, innovative and agile.
We adapt to change, accept failures and learn quickly.
We strive for simplicity and scalability.

Meet Our People

Find out more about some of the people who work with us and what motivates them.

From the moment I joined Toradex, I've been growing as a professional and as an individual.
Toradex has enabled me to become a greater version of myself. I've been learning since day one, while also sharing my views, and continue to see the company improve to what it is today, by listening to its employees. Toradex is still growing quickly, so I expect to be part of a greater team in the (near) future of what I expect to be an even greater time for Toradex in the embedded market.
On the personal side, it’s reassuring to know that if even you fail, you will not be criticized, and will get to learn from the best. We realize that nobody is perfect, but that we are here for the long run where the company and its employees can fine-tune their strengths.
— Alvaro Garcia, Sales Manager - Japan
June 2021
Toradex values hard work and quality, and it is encouraging to see this reflected in every aspect of its day-to-day business.
I have been with Toradex since 2012 and I am proud of the fact that I have been here since the beginning of Toradex India. The team at Toradex is like one big family and that is what makes it such a special company to work for.
I believe that together, we will continue to succeed and contribute toward the growth and development of the company.
— Amutha Lakshmi R, SSC Customer Service Manager
June 2021
My name is Chiara Cavallaro. I am 36 years old, and I work in the inside sales team at Toradex. I moved to Switzerland almost 9 years ago and here I put my roots building my family.
I joined the Operations Team in Toradex in 2013 and from that moment on I never stopped learning and enjoying all the challenges that my work places in front of me. My job in Toradex mainly consists of fulfilling and managing the entire order processing: keeping daily contact with customers and affiliates and managing the stock location are two of the main tasks of my normal daily routine. One of the greatest and strongest points of Toradex is the possibility to know and work with people from all around the world: this aspect is definitely enriching me, and I cannot stop learning something new every day.
— Chiara Cavallaro, Customer Service Manager
June 2021
I never expected to find a position where I can grow professionally, have a great portfolio of tasks and all this while working part-time, but I did! I started to work at Toradex two years ago and I am now leading the HR Department.
Toradex has given me a great chance to split my time between work and family and still have an exciting job I can be passionate about! I am very grateful for the opportunity, and I am very motivated to support Toradex in its ongoing growth.
— Dorothee Blättler, Global HR Lead
June 2021
I had the pleasure of joining Toradex about 5 months ago. In that time, I have never questioned my decision and am excited to be here. I am constantly being challenged and learning new technologies. The people I interact with here are extremely bright and willing to help out "the new guy". The work is interesting, allowing me the chance to investigate new and exciting technologies, and to keep my skillset up-to-date. The business is exciting; I get to interact with customers who are making interesting designs with our products and help them to get the full benefit of our software. Toradex provides a flexible work environment allowing me to adjust my work hours as needed. And the pay is not bad either. I look forward to my future here.
— Drew Moseley, Solutions Architect
June 2021
Toradex is a company where I can work with cutting-edge technology in the embedded market. As part of the Sales Team, I can help customers develop the future generations of embedded devices in diverse vertical markets. I enjoy being proud of our solutions while I see the high level of satisfaction of our customers.
Toradex has a dynamic and international environment, with a modern management mindset allowing fast-paced decisions and execution. Daily life is facilitated by modern IT structure and newest technology in terms of software tools and hardware.
— Guilherme Fernandes, VP of Sales and General Manager - Brazil
June 2021
Although I have been with Toradex for more than 6 years, I still enjoy the challenge and achievement every day!
— Hai Qin, Field Application Engineer
June 2021
With extensive documentation on Arm embedded systems, consistent work and presence at open-source communities, Toradex has always been on my radar since my first steps in learning about Embedded Linux. When I had the opportunity to work at Toradex, I did not think twice about sending my resume and getting in touch. Today, I work with cutting-edge technology, hardware and software, the challenges are interesting, and the team is comprised of highly skilled people, from different parts of the globe, who motivates and help me learn and continue to grow technically. Another positive point for me is that the company always encourages working together with the open-source community and presenting/sharing knowledge at conferences.
— Matheus Castello, Embedded Software Developer
June 2021
Being one of the longest-standing employees of Toradex, I have seen the company grow from a small start-up to being a significant player in the embedded computer module market. This was and still is an interesting and challenging journey, and I am proud to be part of it. While working for Toradex, I was able to gain a lot of experience working with the latest technologies. For many of the projects I have been working on, we have been in early access programs of the chip vendors. This means I had the opportunity to create a new product based on silicon that only a few companies had access to at the time.
I graduated as a Swiss student from a university in Italy. Therefore, I always wanted to work for an internationally operating company. Toradex offers me precisely this. My team comprises people from different countries and languages, which makes it exciting to work with. When I look at the portfolio of computer modules on our website, I am proud of being part of the team that has created all these products. I am looking forward to designing the next generation of systems on a module.
— Peter Lischer, Senior Development Engineer
June 2021
Toradex is a young organization with a contemporary, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach that distinguishes it from its competitors. I had a lot of anxiety before joining Toradex, but Toradex laid all my concerns to rest. Toradex is a great place to work, it provides a very conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper. Toradex gives you the right exposure as you can connect with colleagues and clients through multiple offices. The learning is great, and the growth opportunities are endless. As a family man, Toradex provides a great work-life balance so that I can spend time with my family and kids. If you have the potential, Toradex is the right place for you.
— Ritesh Kumar Thakur, Head of Solutions Engineering - India
June 2021
I am Shanfeng from Toradex. Seven years ago, I joined Toradex. It is an international company with colleagues from different areas that I can always learn from. As an FAE, I feel proud that we at Toradex, as a team, help our customers resolve problems and bring their products to market.
— Shanfeng Hu, Field Application Engineer
June 2021
I am proud to work for Toradex and be a part of a highly professional and dynamic team with worldwide recognition. I have great respect for the company's drive to continuously be at par with the latest developing and emerging technological trends. Working at Toradex provides an opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience.
— Vinay Kumar Sharma, Channel Sales Manager - India
June 2021

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